The whole idea of this website is to share all the old happy cricketing days in Gujarat, Saurashtra, England, Scotland, and the Mafatlal Group with my friends and cricket associates. I have learned that many old cricket buddies do not have some of their photographs. This is an opportunity for all of us to share our good cricketing days.
This website is dedicated to Shri Akbarkhan Umarkhan Babi, one of the best Cricket Coaches for Saurastra; he better understood back foot Play and leg spin bowling. His mindset was toward Australian cricket and its style. That attitude was rare in those years (1950-1980) when everything from England or English was the standard.


I want to shed light on Shri Akbarkhan Babi's dedication and contribution to Saurashtra, Gujarat, Bombay, and Baroda cricket associations. His coaching camp in Rajkot, known as RSA and RYCC, produced at least 70-80 national and international caliber cricketers in the last forty years. Some of his cricketers played prominently in India and abroad. I, Niranjan Mehta, am one of his beneficiaries. I also respectfully remember some of the highly talented cricketers of my time coached by Akbarkhan Babi. These cricketers never had the opportunity to represent India but should have played for a long time for India.. Namely: Uday Joshi, Atul Mehta, Jaswant Bakrania, and Arvind Panchasara. Mahendra Rajdev, Bhupendra Mandavia. Dhiraj Parsana, Jyotindra Baxi, Dhiraj Parsan was the only one who played 2 Test Matches for India against West Indies.


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